Im Kate. Our Fearless leader.

(Although there have been many fears, trials and tribulations in 2021- we promise 2022 will be better than EVER.)

Owner Kate Moxham

I have been in the industry for 17 years. I have extensive credentials in my craft and while those things are important bullet points- over the years I have found myself really excelling at business management and team building. I pride myself on bringing constant change and growth to my businesses and making sure my stylists are expanding their wealth of knowledge and level of expertise on a regular basis. My beliefs have always been that there is plenty of room for everyone to be successful in this industry and that the only person you should be competing with is yourself. To challenge yourself to be better than you were the previous year, every year. The moment you start focusing on others success’ is the very same moment you stray from your own. I try to instill those very same beliefs in my staff- and that’s what I believe separates Flawless as a whole from the rest.

Our Mission at Flawless is Self Love. We want you to feel beautiful, worthy and confident the moment you walk through our door- but if for some reason you don’t- we will guarantee you leave that way.


Lastly- we at Flawless- myself specifically- would like to thank all of you, our valued, loyal clients, for your patronage over the last 7 years. You’ve stuck by us through the most challenging times and for that we are forever indebted. We look forward to many more years of special relationships, stories and just a little bit of magic.

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